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Our Services

We at GlobalExec know your needs. We provide a "one-stop" seamless services to meet your hiring requirements and strategies. Our full range of value-added services includes:

  • Executive Search
  • Contract Staffing Service
  • Project Recruitment Service
  • Client Reporting Service

In addition to total support in the entire recruitment process, we also provide advisory services on a broad array of issues, including:

  • Options in different hiring strategies
  • Industry "best practices"
  • Country-specific taxation laws
  • Country-specific labour regulations
  • and more

In Hong Kong, in the event of labour disputes, we can undertake confidential mediation and recommend conciliatory solutions, as well as representation at employment appeal tribunals on behalf of the employer.

Our "one-stop" service are flexible and highly competitive and you can be assured of delivery of superior added-value.