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Why Choose GlobalExec

GlobalExec is your perfect HR partner. With a decade of cumulative experience in serving the Asian region, we guarantee:

To Provide Quality Candidates
With an extensive database of top-notch candidates for all level jobs in the fields we specialize, viz. banking, information technology, manufacture and business services in general, you can rest assured that we will provide you the best possible pool of candidates for your position.

To Provide Best Advices
No matter in the choice of candidates, options of hiring strategies, local rules and regulations, we provide you sound advices specific for your industry with our strong team of recruitment consultants who are veterans in human resources management in the banking and finance sector, information technology, telecom, commercial services and manufacturing industries.

Flexibility in Hiring Strategies to Fit your Needs
We understand that every company is unique in its planning, choice of location, stage of development, etc. To fit into your picture, GlobalExec provides innovative recruitment strategies, such as contract staffing models that allow greater planning and cost flexibility.

Our Reach and Network in Asia
With our strong coverage and strategic branch locations in Greater China, we extend your reach of hiring top notch candidates into this economic powerhouse of the twenty-first century.

Quick Response
We know how important it is for you to fill outstanding positions quickly and effectively, with the least possible interruption to your valuable management time. We will react accordingly in order to satisfy these demanding criteria.

To find out more about our Services, please contact us.