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How We Work

Search Methodology
We follow a systematic search methodology in conducting each of our assignments.

1 Client Request
Analyse job specification of the qualifications, skills and experience required for each of the positions.
2 Candidate Search
Search/Headhunt and shortlist candidates through database to meet the specifications and job requirements.
3 Candidate Shortlist
Perform initial screening to the shore listed candidates over the phone.
4 Interviewing Candidate
Arrange meeting with the potential candidates. Perform thorough screening during the meeting and discuss the specifications of job requirements and cultural fit with candidates, as well as to understand their career objective, motivation and salary expectation. Reviewing the suitability of candidates by providing advice on remuneration package and verification of candidates’ employment history.
5 Writing Candidate’s profile
Prepare candidate’s profile
6 Profile Submission
Submit candidate’s profile to clients via fax or email.
7 Client Follow Up
Maintain close contact with client regarding candidate’s profile, set up interview when required. Conduct Job and client briefing session before candidate attending interviews.
8 Offer Making and Negotiation
Negotiation of Remuneration package, Structuring employment contract most acceptable by both client and candidate for all temporary contractual staff.

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